Letters Development. and Taking it to the serious level.

we all know there's no gold without a sweat.

first of all i would like to say thank you for my Crews, friends and Everyone, because they all inspire me to this Graffiti life. and they who support me and concern about the level, and everyone in the scene of whole Grafflife.

this article is just for sharing, some tips about letters that i reseach,

the first step :

1. Doing anatomy to the letters is the one of my key.

everything is based on something, as you can see below, every part of my letters are made from a basic shapes such as Triangle, Cubic, and Oval and other shapes.

2. Draw what you look and put it on the letters, as a "garnish"

you see arrows from the street signs, or star falling from the sky, even somebody has a experience with their sightseeing. any other circumstances that happen in life, if you wanna put it, just put it.

who doesn't Appreciate art? think. and don't be shy with yours, it's your soul whom you put it there, be confident!

4. Feel what around you, trust your hand, try combine everything to your letters development.

when i was a child, i had a feeling that every letters has it own sex. like A it's a Female, and B it's a Male, im not having a brain damage when i was child, i just feel it. well since this is a blog..this is about a personal life, and what do you think about developing some letters? you have to Feel. because it's an Art.

3. Make it Neat and Nice

this part is the toughest, you may need some references to this, because if you don't have the feel, then you can't make it real, that's why someone had to look at the 'others'

and what should i do then?


that leads to everything, when you practice you get experience, just like a game, when you hunt, you gain exp to the next level, once you hit the level, you know what i'm thinking :D

just remember to use your artist feel, and practice to make it real.

[remember : don't bite someone else style, if they inspire you, make some shout or credits]

here's some B/W sketch on June, July and August.

Exchange with Mumu Mase Crew

some of them had made it to the walls.
and thankyou for your time to read this :)

a note to remember :

i don't try to be a "Teacher" on this letters and developing shapes, i just wanna share what i did back in couple of months.
cheers mate!

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