Bartone Graffiti & Character

(Bartone, Bart1) crew : SWS, MBC, SS

Started Writing Graffiti in 2007, he used only two letters ‘P’ & ‘S’, and the style develops into another
and he change it into Bartone until now, the name speaks itself, yet it's a reflection from the vessels,
Bartone developing the style as the time goes by, going to competitions to prove
that his letter has it's own styles.

His works are unique, because he mix the feelings, so when the mood are up,
the letter becomes easy to read and friendly, as unknown people to graffiti could read it too,
but when the mood are down, the graffiti changed itself. it becomes sharp, spiky,
and unreadable (to some people) “Seven Souls” was the witnesses on his developed Graffiti styles

Meanwhile, he get into the graffiti business, the crew catch him up and make some production on
MBC (Mighty Brilliant Cowboys) with Send Seva, Addoneseven, and Yuk07
he also joined the international Graffiti Crew from Canada and Japan, SWS (Scumbag with Spraycans)
with some naughty cats around the world. As he now studying graffiti and design, he made a break
through the scene itself, creating and studying character from comic and artbooks, he made a signs
with his partner the name “Notorious Junkie” came up. it produces some character
named Complementary Squid, as in the color wheel. The squid only use Complementary Colors.

He's currently studying GD at Bina Nusantara University Jakarta

See his works on facebook page : Bart1
Instagram : @Bartone_
Twitter : @Duckpawr

Crews : MBC, SWS, SS
Style : Urban and Comics

Facebook Profile Page :


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