No More Respect.

this is a public announcement for you people who knows indo graff scene.

well, 1st of all, i don't know you guys Spark Syndromefukingassholeshitfag. but i've been in this serious graff business for about 5 years, this shit has got to be serious you know, we build this scene to the top for you too people, but you fucking screwed our prodo like a faggot who doesn't appreciate graffiti, we have a foreign writers who wants to see the graff scene in indo and he wants to paint that wall but you still didn't gave us the spot, we really disappointed of you guys, you guys have no dignity in graffiti SparkSyndrome a.k.a Orry Junior or whatever it is called i don't care, i don't know what the fuck is on your fucking mind, you guys are serious motherfucker, you guys are nothing in this graff, just a shit lying like a dead fish, you paint with your parents money with no hustle, you just copy Distrike style, and didn't admit it. And i still remember that fukin statement came from your faggot mouth,

"gue sih kalo gambar merem dulu bentar, apa yang ada di otak gue, trus gue gambar" Small2

FHAT THE WUCK DUDE??, lo gak ngaku weh pler?? jelas lo temennya MRP lo bilang, dan dia mantan ASC.
pentolan ASC jelas Distrike a.k.a Rhein13 waktu itu, you guys didn't know anything about history eh? and i saw you guys did graff just for attract girls, fuck man, this shit is getting big.

 you admit you screwed our prodo and you said that us intimidated ya toys crew, but still, you didn't fucking said to us. and you wrote on facebook, damn assholes.
so i made you this, your public announcement.
faggot love public announcement right?

and i brought you this, your evidence,
once again, faggot love evidence right? 

so that's it. you screwed our prodo over, you disappointed the foreign writer, i didn't expect this shit has got to be serious,and you know what?? you guys are dead and nothing to us anymore.

you just wrote your history in this indo graff scene, and i'll keep that in mind
no more respect for you guys, you guys are dead to us.

happy fucking no respect for you guys, and happy fucking new year.

PS : honestly..just quit writing, you guys like a fail seed for indo graffiti, and you probably know it :)


tara suwanto said...

marah2 aja broo... foto2nya masih di gue nih hehehe

Bart said...

serious trouble man..lupa bales gue komen ni, hha