Illustration Collab. (Progress, and Finish)

Apparently, me and my Partner, Shane Tortilla, whom i haven't introduce (formally) in this blog lol. so here we are yeah...came up with an idea from da' quote "It's like a Race Without Winning" by Anon, from GRAFFITI scene, because myself as a suspect (lol) yeah whateves, which is in the scene who i felt like that.

It really is a race, but without finish line, no winner, no ends. that's graffiti that i felt now, well..i don't consider this as a bad thing, however i came up with an idea of this. which is great, thanks to people in the scene who inspires us. so there it is ! take a look ! :)


(i know right. lol)

----------------------- Comprehensive Sketch and Progress -----------------------

----------------------- Coloring Digitally + Correction and Layout -----------------------

Finish :)

Notorious Junkie 2014
Bartone x Torutilla

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